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How to Listen to Music for Babies in the Right Pregnancy

How to Listen to Music for Babies in the Right Pregnancy – Knowledge is growing and there are many good things that can be done to care for babies in the womb that can be done for their growth and development.

Maternal activities during pregnancy play an important role in the baby in the womb. A healthy mother will produce a healthy baby. Vice versa. Therefore, having a good routine such as yoga, getting enough sleep, and consuming highly nutritious foods will contribute to the birth of the baby.

One of the exciting activities for modern parents is listening to music for their unborn baby. 

A Baby Can Hear Sounds in The Womb

Babies actually learn in the womb, according to a 2013 study. But researchers were quick to point out that “learning” really means babies develop a familiarity with something.

But some professionals warn that parents don’t have to buy too many learning CDs to teach their child different languages ​​in the womb.

Researchers say most brain development occurs outside the womb, after the baby is born. This means that parents can save serious lessons for later.

Effects of Music on Babies in the womb

In the third trimester, the baby must have been able to hear the music being played. Classical music, soft sounds like lullabies, good melodies that inspire happiness, all designed to soothe.

Around 16-18 weeks of pregnancy, your little one hears her first sound. At 24 weeks, tiny ears begin to develop rapidly and the baby has been shown to turn in response to sounds and noise in the last few months of pregnancy, the unborn baby being able to recognize his mother’s voice, mother tongue, word patterns and poetry.

Listening to Music for Babies in the womb

Although it is good to get the baby in the womb to listen to something. But parents need to know how to listen to music for babies in the womb that is good and right.

Your little friend listens to your voice long before they meet. 

Music that is suitable for listening to babies in the womb

Is there any particular music that is better for babies? Doctors say simple songs are best, but almost anything you enjoy is fine. The key is because you like it.

If you’re stumped for good songs, there are a number of playlists on music websites that people have curated just for pregnancy. Some focus on music for meditation, some focus on positive pop music. The options are endless.

Turn down the volume

It is important to remember that the uterus is a noisy place. Your stomach is pounding, your heart is pounding, your lungs are filling with air. In addition, your voice is whole by the vibration of the bones as the sound propagates through the body.

While pregnant, the mother should try to keep the volume outside at around 50 to 60 decibels, or about the same as her normal conversation. That means the mother definitely does not want to use headphones on the stomach.

Healthline says that the sound from the earphones will be very loud when it reaches the baby in the tummy, which is something to avoid.

You can go to concerts when you’re pregnant or sit in a loud movie theater. But regular exposure to high volume sound is something almost all professionals are wary of. very loud concert after 18 weeks.

That’s about an article about music that can actually be used in all aspects.

Where one of them is music can be used properly for babies who are still in the womb.