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Modern Musical Instruments in The World

Kinds Of Modern Musical Instruments In The World – Types Of Musical  Instruments

13 Types of Modern Musical Instruments  – The entertainment world already has various types, some use animals as performances, perform magic, perform concerts or sing in front of many people.

And of course performing in front of many people is a great pleasure and pleasure for some people, feels adored, exalted, and even has many fans.

Being famous for doing a show like entertaining is indeed very promising, especially now if you are a person who really has talent from a young age it has become a very strong provision.

If you have a physique that is liked by many people, this can be used as a benefit for yourself.

For those of you who are starting to have an interest in the art of music, the first thing that can be learned is by knowing various kinds of musical instruments, both traditional and modern musical instruments.

Various Modern Musical Instruments in the World

  • Violin

The first types of modern musical instruments are the violin. This instrument that comes from Central Asia has the same shape as a guitar, but how to play it is to be swiped using a long wood with strings.

  • Cello

The next modern musical instrument is the cello. Usually, this cello can be found and played along with the violin. This one musical instrument is similar to the guitar and violin. How to play it is by swiping.

  • Electric guitar

The next modern musical instrument is the electric guitar. This electric guitar is basically the same as a guitar in general, but the sound is clearer because of the electric current.

  • Drum

The next kind of modern musical instrument is the drum. This musical instrument which is famous for its rock genre actually comes from China. Drums basically consist of an arrangement of percussion instruments that are beaten to produce various loud sounds.

  • Harp

The next modern musical instrument is the harp. The harp is a type of plucked musical instrument. This beautiful musical instrument has its origins in Egypt.

To play it, you need to be careful because its large size and height sometimes make it easier for players to get tired.

  • Harmonica

The fifth type of modern musical instrument is the harp. This modern musical instrument is long in shape with various holes that can be blown to produce notes on one side.

Originating from China, this unique musical instrument is categorized as an aerophone musical instrument.

Various Modern Musical Instruments in the World

  • Keyboard

The next kind of modern musical instrument is the keyboard. This musical instrument has a distinctive sound and tone in the ear so that it can make the brain more relaxed and calm.

This instrument is played by pressing the keys. Several ensemble music can be produced from a keyboard.

  • Piano

Unlike the keyboard, the piano cannot produce a variety of sounds such as trumpets, guitars, drums, and so on. So the piano cannot produce a musical ensemble like a keyboard.

But like the keyboard, the piano can produce soft and pleasant music.

  • Trumpet

This type of music which is categorized as an aerophone is played by blowing. This musical instrument has several buttons that will produce different tones from one another.

Trumpet is one of a series of musical instruments that is often used in musical performances with jazz or pop genres.

  • Saxophone

This instrument is similar to a trumpet, but there are places that direct the sound upwards. The saxophone is made of metal so lifting this instrument requires a large amount of energy.

However, the sound of the saxophone is basically no less beautiful than other musical instruments. The saxophone is often used as a series of jazz music.

  • Tambourine

The tambourine is a type of modern musical instrument that is played by shaking it. Consisting of several metal pieces, this unique musical instrument produces a rattling sound that adds to the variety of songs that come alive.

  • zither

One more musical instrument originating from Asia, to be exact in southern Asia. This musical instrument called the sitar has a shape that is almost the same as the guitar.

So how to play it is also enough to pick the strings that are in front of him. The sound of this sitar sounds like music from the Middle East.

  • Ukulele

This musical instrument comes from Hawaii. It has the same shape as the guitar, but the ukulele is actually smaller.

The resulting sound and tone seem lighter on the ear. How to play it is the same as the guitar, which is plucked.