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Genre of Music in The World

Types of Musical Genres – Currently, music is a symbol of human mood, when you are confused, you listen to sad music, while when you are happy, listen to music that is in your heart. Slot Deposit Dana

In everyday life, music is a very difficult part to separate from human beings. When you wake up, sometimes in the bathroom, at work, when your boyfriend breaks up with you, even your cellphone ringtones also use music. Music is really a part of us.

In music there are many genres of music that we must recognize, it can be seen from the characteristics of each genre.

Definition of Music


Understanding the art of music according to Jamalus, the art of music is considered as something that produces a work of art, which in this case is in the form of sound which is a composition in the form of a song, an outpouring of thoughts and feelings of the maker by combining the main elements of music, rhythmic tones, harmony, melody. , and the form or arrangement of songs, expressions and feelings as a unified whole. Slot Depo Dana

Music is a very interesting thing to learn even to hear in everyday life. Listening to music makes life more colorful. Well, do you know it or not, you guys, in music there are classifications based on the characteristics inherent in the music, usually called music genres.

Definition of Music Genre

Music genre is defined as the classification of music based on its resemblance to one another. This classification can also be adjusted according to other criteria, such as geographic similarity.

Music technique, context, style, and theme of music can be a reference for definition in a musical genre. Basically, music genres cannot be clearly defined, because when the genre is defined by someone, then that person defines it without looking at aspects from the other side. Slot777 Depo Dana

In fact, sometimes in a song there are 2 genres in it, but it is only defined as one genre.

Types of Music Genres

After understanding the meaning of musical genres, we will then understand the various musical genres and the history of these genres, namely:

1. Classical Music Genre

This music genre is defined as a type of intellectual and beautiful music, which can be enjoyed by almost all ages. Originally from Europe from 1750 to 1825.

Usually in classical music there is a division based on a certain period.

More precisely, there is a division into three eras, namely Medieval and Renaissance, Classical and Romantic Baroque, and Modern and Contemporary. 

Of the four musicians mentioned above, the most famous and popular is Johann Pachelbell. Maybe his name is quite foreign to our ears, but his work entitled “Canon in D” maybe some are familiar with the song.

This classical music is an inspiration for music and musicians who are emerging today. Classical music is a calming music, the calmness brought in this genre brings many benefits to humans.

According to research, classical music has many benefits, one of which is minimizing hypertension and calming emotions.

2. Jazz Music Genre

Jazz music genre is considered as a type of music that emerged because of the merger of other music genres, namely blues, ragtime, and European music, including band music.

Given the definition of music genre, basically there are several genres of music in a song which eventually becomes a genre. There are several sub-genres within the jazz music genre, including dixieland, bebop, cool jazz, swing, hard bop, free jazz, jazz fusion, cafjazz, and smooth jazz.

Musical instruments commonly used in this genre of music are the trombone, trumpet, piano, saxophone and guitar. Sometimes not everyone can enjoy this genre of jazz music. In the use of tones, the tones of this genre are truly unique and have a characteristic in their musical playing.

3. Blues Music

The blues music genre is a genre originating from the United States, both vocal and instrumental music. Emerged from praise and spiritual music, which originally emerged from the former African slave community in the United States.

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey by Peter Guralnick which contains documentation of the celebration of blues music.

4. Country Music Genre

Country music genre, is a genre of mixed elements of American music, which is a combination of the Appalachian Mountains and the southern United States. This music has a cheerful tone and a relaxed and light demeanor.

This country music originally came from North American folk songs, gospel music, Celtic music, and this developed since the 1920s. In the 1940s the term began to be used for country music, this term replaced the term hillbilly music which in its sense seemed derogatory.

5. Techno Music Genre

This music genre is a music genre whose music flow usually uses a futuristic theme. nightclubs usually use these genres of music and usually the music is played by a DJ (disk jockey).

Using digital musical instruments such as DJ Maker which is always used to remix existing music into music that has a futuristic theme. Because it uses digital musical instruments, this genre of music cannot be played by traditional musical instruments, such as guitar, sasando or drum.

The music group that uses this music genre is Daft Punk.

6. Reggae Music Genre

Reggae music is a genre of music that was originally developed in Jamaica, around the end of the 1960s. Usually this name is used more broadly to name all types of music that exist in Jamaica.

This reggae music is based on accents on syncopation or off-beat for a characteristic rhythmic style of music, this is called skank. The tempo of reggae music is usually slower. The band that usually uses the reggae genre is Steven and Coconut Treez.

7. R&B Music

In the R&B music genre, it is gaining popularity because this music combines itself from several other music genres, such as jazz, blues and gospel genres. Initially introduced by musicians who came from African-American.

Well, R&B music stands for Rhythm and Blues. Artists who use the R & B music genre are Justin Timberlake. Here, the song with R&B music that the writer listens to more often nowadays, is At My Worst by Pink Sweats.

8. Genre of Rap

Rap music is one of the elements of hip-hop music. If you usually listen to this genre, usually the vocal technique used is to say fast words. Singers of this genre are known as rappers.

The rap is usually accompanied by music by a band or DJ. This rapper is also included in the usual singers who sing solo, the rappers are Xzibit and Jay-z. In addition, there are rappers who are members of a band, for example, Linkin Park. 

9. Death Metal Musical Genre

Death metal music, this genre is a subgenre of heavy metal music that originally developed from trash metal in the early 1980s. The distinctive feature of this music genre is the lyrics, which are generally themed on death or violence. The band that uses the death metal music genre is The Berzerker.

10. Dangdut Music Genre

When you hear the term “dangdut” you must be very familiar with this one genre of music. Dangdut is one of the most popular music genres in Indonesia. The hallmark of this music is the game of drums or tabla instruments.

If you listen to this genre of music, you must be familiar with Bollywood music, because basically dangdut music is influenced by Classical Indian music and Bollywood.

In addition, when viewed from the elements of the origin of the musical style, it can be concluded that dangdut is a blend of Malay, Hindustan, and Arabic elements. Given that dangdut music is a combination of Arabic music elements, this can be seen from the crooked and harmonized tone.

11. Pop Music

Well, the next music genre is the pop music genre. Usually this pop music tone and lyrics tend to be simple, related to everyday life. Therefore, music of this genre is easier to digest and very easy to sing, even easy to memorize the lyrics. This genre has become a universal music genre because it is well accepted by people.

This genre of music is also known as the popular music genre and originated in its more modern form in Britain and the United States, since the mid-1950s. The limitation of this genre is that it refers to music that has extraordinary appeal, considering that the term this music genre is a popular music genre.

12. Ballad Music Genre

There is a ballad music genre, which is a type of music where the harmony of the song is slow and usually the themes used are romance.

Using poetic lyrics and using slow music. In particular, in the grouping of genres, ballads have special characteristics, namely poetry and melodious songs. This genre exists as a slow form of the popular love song.

Ballad music itself the term is taken from the English language, namely “ballad” which has the meaning of music in the form of a narrative. Began to be popular in the Middle Ages to the 19th century, then spread throughout Europe and then America, Australia and North Africa.

So, those are some types of music genres that exist in the world and Indonesia, along with examples of singers and songs. Each of these genres has its own style and characteristics, even the history of the formation of different musical genres. Slot Depo Dana